Kindred Womancraft was created out of a deep longing to Re-membering.....

To remember and repair the fractures in our ancestral inheritance so that we can embody our spines and lead as the Women the Earth needs NOW!

Carrying the light for those brave-hearted women who stand upon a threshold, longing, ready, to step into the unknown and remember.

Supporting women individually and collectively to find their voice, connect to their unique and authentic selves, and reclaim their innate gifts and power as the women the earth needs now.

Through reverence, ritual, ceremony, ancient and shamnice practices, soul-centric and earth-based support, Kindred Womancraft's mission is to guide women to live with depth and purpose, turned on to their deepest belonging.

Calling women to lead from their center, back straight, heart wild open, so they can become the leaders the earth is so hungering for today.

We are facing changing times where we are ALL being called into sacred leadership. Every one of us. No longer following blindly but connected with our inner wise women to guide to know what is worthy of us following AND when we must take courage, meet our edges and lead. The future is collaborative.

We need women activated and turned on not only to their power, strength, and much-needed gifts but also with the passion, backbone, and knowledge to share them in deepest service to the earth.

Kindred Womancraft calls to the women who are ready to live for this journey.

Remembering their sacred responsibility to safeguard the earth, the waters, and the skies. 

Living as if the future generations matter.

Kindred Womancraft is ultimately devoted to supporting women to inhabit their lives fully for the benefit of all. 

Activated, connected, embodied, devoted, and sovereign. Turned on to and inhabiting their innate and unique medicine and gifts.

This dear heart is the rich soil in which we are all being called to grow our roots deeper into. 

Remembering ourselves home.

About Siobhán Delaney

Creatress and Facilitator of Kindred Womancraft

Siobhán describes being 'with woman' as being the doorway into her work. 

Being 'with woman' is the essence of what it once meant to be a Midwife. 

Embracing an expanded role, not just holding space for women in birth, but midwifing women and community 'from womb to tomb.' 

With this expanded perspective of midwifery, Siobhán has come to identify herself as a Midwife of the Soul. 

Midwifing the cultural shift we so desperately need, from womb to tomb.

Supporting women to re-member their worth, innate power and wisdom. Holding space for them throughout all manner of lifes events and rites of passage, not just birth.

Siobhán supports women to step into their soul-led authentic life. To inhabit their spine, and meet the world heart wide open.

She is a Birthkeeper, holding the wisdom and process of physiological birth as sacred. She is passionate about woman-centred care, and safeguarding innate birthing wisdom and traditional postpartum practices for future generations. 

As a Shamanic Craftswoman, Siobhán is a keeper of sacred space and of women’s mysteries. A gatekeeper into soul work, who journeys with women into the unknown. Wild and brave at heart, she is comfortable and experienced with the landscapes and possibilities of the shamanic journey as she too walks this path as a journeywoman herself. 

With almost a decade of experience in walking with women, facilitating Women's circles, and guiding over 100 women to birth their own Shamanic Medicine Drum, Siobhán is deeply experienced in the art of holding space.

Know in working with Siobhán, that all of you is welcome. As a woman who has apprenticed herself to grief, been to the underworlds and truly inhabited her life, she is more than skilled with sitting with people in the darkness. Because she knows from her own lived experiences, that in sitting in the darkness is where we also find our light.

Siobhán offers soul-centric and earth-based holistic care and support in all that she does. 

Supporting women, families and community towards a deeper way of living in connection with the land, each other and self.

Supporting a deeper sense of belonging as together we remember ourselves Home.